Lymphedema Arm Sleeve: Gentle Compression for Relief

Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve

Are you experiencing symptoms such as swelling in the arm, heaviness or discomfort, reduced range of motion, skin tightness, and an increased risk of infections?

actiLEGS Lymphoedema arm sleeves come to the rescue by exerting pressure on the arm and hand in order to maintain proper lymphatic fluid flow. The patient’s quality of life is significantly enhanced by using these arm sleeves as the initial form of decongestive lymphatic therapy (DLT) for lymphoedema in the upper limbs.

Living with lymphoedema can be challenging, but actiLEGS’s Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve is designed to provide you with much-needed relief and support.

Understanding Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition characterized by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in body tissues. This buildup can result in swelling, discomfort, and even pain. The condition often affects the arms and legs, but it can occur anywhere in the body. Managing lymphoedema involves proper care, lifestyle adjustments, and, in many cases, compression therapy.

The Importance of Compression Therapy

How Compression Therapy Works

Compression therapy is a basis of lymphoedema management which with the help of specially designed stockings apply controlled pressure to the affected area.

This pressure helps to:
  1. Reduce Swelling: By promoting the drainage of excess fluid from the tissues.
  2. Improve Blood Flow: Enhancing circulation, which aids in tissue repair and healing.
  3. Provide Comfort: Alleviating discomfort and minimising the risk of complications.
Benefits of Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve
  • Helps with fluid drain
  • Protects your arm
  • Reduces arm swelling
  • Improves lymphatic flow

They have variable graduated pressure with more compression at the wrist and gradually lessening up the arm, produced in compliance with worldwide compression therapy standards. Both an arm sleeve with and without a handpiece is available.

actiLEGS's Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve

actiLEGS’s Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve is a superior product tailored to meet the unique needs of people living with lymphoedema in their arms. This innovative compression sleeve offers an array of benefits:

1. Targeted Compression

The sleeve is manufactured with precision to provide targeted compression where it’s needed most. It gently but firmly compresses the arm, facilitating the movement of lymphatic fluid and reducing swelling. Acti Leg’s Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve helps you regain control over your arm’s condition.

2. Exceptional Comfort

Designed with wearer’s comfort in mind, this sleeve is made from high-quality, breathable materials. The fabric is soft against the skin, minimizing irritation, and is ideal for extended wear. The seamless manufacture ensures a snug fit without chafing or discomfort.

3. Ease of Use

actiLEGS’s Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve is user-friendly. The open-ended design allows for easy usage and removal, and the sleeve stays securely in place without constant adjustment. Putting it on and taking it off is a breeze, even for those with limited mobility.

4. Trusted Quality

actiLEGS’s is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products. The Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve is meticulously crafted, ensuring durability and effectiveness. It undergoes rigorous quality control checks to meet the needs of individuals who rely on it daily.

Available Sizes

Available in Below Knee and above Knee variants with colour coded packaging to enable easier identification.

Product Details
  • Colour – Skin Colour
  • Fabric – Soft latex free fabric made with superior 4-way stretch knitting technology
Size Chart
stocking size chart

Elevate Your Quality of Life

actiLEGS’s Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve is more than just a compression stocking; it’s a solution that empowers individuals living with lymphoedema. By providing targeted compression, superior comfort, ease of use, style, and trusted quality, it enhances your quality of life, enabling you to regain control over your lymphoedema and embrace a more comfortable, active, and fulfilling lifestyle.
Don’t let lymphoedema hold you back.

Discover the comfort and relief you deserve with actiLEGS’s Lymphoedema Arm Sleeve today.