Medical Compression Stockings: Support Circulation & Comfort

actiLEGS Medical Compression Stockings

Above Knee: Class I (18-21 mmHg)

Below knee: Class I (18-21 mmHg)

Above knee: Class II (23-32 mmHg)

Below knee: Class II (23-32 mmHg)

Above knee: Class III (34 – 46 mmHg)

Below knee: Class III (34-46 mmHg)

Medical compression stockings are a crucial tool for preserving the general health and well-being of the legs. actiLEGS’s Medical Compression Stockings are ideal for anyone who travels frequently, has a medical problem, or is an athlete trying to improve performance.

How to Choose and Use Medical Compression Stockings

To get the intended health benefits, it’s essential to select the correct medical compression stockings and wear them correctly. actiLEGS’s Compression Stockings are expertly crafted to meet each individual user’s specific requirements, guaranteeing support, comfort, and longevity.

Think about things like material, size, style, and compression level when choosing your compression stockings. actiLEGS provides different compression degrees to meet your individual needs, be it firm, moderate, or mild. It’s critical to speak with a medical expert to find out how much compression is right for your condition or activity.

Proper usage is just as vital. Wear your actiLEGS Medical Compression Stockings as prescribed by your healthcare professional to gain the maximum benefit from them. It is best to wear them in the morning when there is less edema and to take them off at night so your legs are able to recover and breathe.

Do you often face concerns such as discomfort, restricted mobility, skin irritation, and difficulty finding the right fit?

actiLEGS addresses these concerns by offering stockings made from soft, breathable, and durable materials that provide superior comfort. The controlled pressure applied by actiLEGS stockings promotes enhanced circulation, reduces swelling, and effectively manages pain, ensuring a more comfortable and supportive experience.

Benefits of Medical Compression Range
  • Effective relief for various venous conditions like Varicose veins, spider veins, Lymphoedema etc
  • Prevents risk of DVT
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling
  • Prevents venous ulcers
  • Support veins

The medical compression range from actiLEGS is designed to provide effective and comfortable compression therapy to patients with various venous conditions. Made with high-quality materials and the latest textile technology, these compression garments offer graduated compression to the legs, promoting blood circulation and preventing the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The compression range comes in different compression classes to suit different patient needs and is available in a variety of sizes and styles, including knee-high and thigh-high.

The compression range is recommended for patients with conditions such as varicose veins, oedema, and lymphedema, and is also ideal for those who are at risk of developing DVT during long periods of immobility, such as during air travel or hospitalisation.

Available Sizes

Available in Below Knee and above Knee variants with colour coded packaging to enable easier identification.

Product Details
  • Toe Style – Open Toe
  • Colour – Skin
  • Variants – Above knee & Below knee
  • Fabric – Soft latex free fabric made with superior 4-way stretch knitting technology
  • Compression classes: Class I (18-21 mmHg ), Class II (23-32 mmHg), Class III (34-46 mmHg)
Size Chart
stocking size chart

For personalized stockings, we kindly request your measurements.

Who Should Use Compression Stockings

Not only do compression stockings benefit those with medical issues. They are a flexible option for many because they provide a variety of advantages for different people.

The following are some of the main groups that actiLEGS’s medical compression stockings can help:

  • People Affected by Venous Disorders: Medical compression stockings can ease discomfort and improve blood circulation if you have diseases like varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, or venous insufficiency.
  • Athletes: Compression stockings are frequently used by athletes to improve performance, lessen muscular soreness, and speed up recovery after demanding exercises. The compression stockings from actiLEGS offer the perfect amount of support for people who are active.
  • Regular Travelers: Sitting for extended periods of time while travelling can cause edema and pain in the legs. Compression stockings are a must when travelling in order to reduce these problems.
  • Pregnancy: Leg pain and edema are common in expectant mothers. The support that medical compression stockings offer is essential for managing these symptoms and enhancing general well-being.
  • Professionals with Extended Sitting or Standing Occupations: Compression stockings can help people whose occupations require extended sitting or standing by preventing leg tiredness and enhancing circulation.
  • Post-Surgery and Injury Recovery: Compression stockings can help reduce swelling, and pain, and promote recovery following surgery or an injury.

How Do Compression Stockings Work

The way that actiLEGS’s Medical Compression Stockings function is by progressively reducing pressure from the ankle to the thigh. This pattern of progressive compression helps to lower the danger of blood clots, prevent blood from accumulating in the legs, and promote healthy blood circulation.

Compression stockings assist your legs’ veins to function more effectively by applying constant pressure to the muscles and blood vessels. As a result, there is less tiredness, better oxygen transport to the muscles, and decreased edema. Compression stockings help reduce pain, heaviness, and aching in people with venous diseases.

Additionally, the purpose of compression stockings is to provide support and stop varicose veins from getting worse. They may also contribute to the inhibition of varicose vein regrowth.

How to Pick Compression Stockings

To fully benefit from this innovative therapy, selecting the appropriate compression stockings is essential. actiLEGS’s Medical Compression Stockings should be chosen with the following important considerations in mind:

  • Level of Compression: To find the right compression level for your activity or condition, speak with your healthcare physician. actiLEGS provides a variety of solutions to suit various demands, ranging from mild to hard compression.
  • Size: For a good and comfortable fit, make sure you are wearing the correct size. Use the actiLEGS sizing chart to determine your ideal fit.
  • Style: actiLEGS offers compression stockings in both knee- and thigh-high designs. Select the look that most closely matches your tastes and way of life.
  • Material: To ensure comfort and durability, actiLEGS uses premium, breathable fabrics to make our compression stockings. To determine which material is ideal for you, look over the product information.
  • Speak with a Medical Professional: Speaking with a healthcare expert is usually a smart choice because they can offer tailored advice based on your unique requirements.

Medical compression stockings from actiLEGS are a dependable and efficient option for a variety of people, including athletes and travellers as well as those with medical issues. The purpose of these stockings is to enhance general leg comfort, lessen edema, and encourage healthy blood circulation. actiLEGS’s compression stockings can be used to their full potential if you follow our guidance and take into account the important considerations for usage and choice.