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Custom Measurement Form for Compression Stockings

Measuring Instructions

To ensure accurate sizing for your custom medical compression stockings, please refer to the attached image. Once measured, kindly fill out the form with the appropriate values.

actiLEGS size chart for custom made compression stoking

    Circumference (Measurements in cm)

    Length (Measurements in cm)

    Made to measure compression socks

    Custom compression sock/stockings are specifically designed to reduce the discomfort, pain and swelling in your legs. It improves blood circulation. The poor blood flow in your legs is due to varicose veins, lymphedema and leg ulcers. It also occurs due to muscle fatigue. The pressure applied at your ankle gradually decreases towards your limbs, preventing abnormal backflow of blood.

    Different types of Compression Stockings
    Gradient Compression Stockings

    actiLEGS’s Made to measure stockings feature graduated compression therapy, designed to provide strong pressure at the ankle that gradually decreases up the limb. This design effectively improves your blood circulation in the lower extremities and helps prevent blood clots in the vein valves minimizing the swelling. Applying compression to surface veins, arteries, and muscles beneath the skin leads to an increase in arterial pressure enhancing blood flow and reducing the accumulation of blood in the lower legs and feet.

    Anti-Embolism Stockings

    Anti embolism stockings are mainly designed to prevent blood clots. The clots form when you are less active. These stockings are extremely important when you undergo surgery. When there is no movement in your legs, it increases the risk of Deep Vin Thrombosis (DVT). As a result, blood clots form in the deep veins leading to serious pulmonary embolism.

    Different types of Stockings

    Compression therapy is a safe and easy way to treat circulatory and lymphatic issues. It uses special clothing like stockings or lymphoedema arm sleeve to gently squeeze your necessary area. It helps to improve blood flow and reduce swelling. This therapy helps you to get closer in making decisions about the choice of compression socks you need. It also effectively improves blood circulation in the lower limbs and helps prevent blood clots in the vein valves.

    Importance of Custom Compression Stockings

    Personalized Compression Stocking is selectively introduced for individuals with uneven leg sizing. For instance, some of you may be born with one leg shorter than the other, some may have extra muscle, or often, your body parts may get altered after surgery. While choosing compression stockings, it is important to measure your size, length, and the fabric of the material for tightness, fit, and comfort. They enhance blood circulation in your leg veins supporting the upward movement of blood and thereby preventing leg swelling and formation of blood clots.

    Understanding the Customization Process

    Besides the size and length, you should also know your skin type to select the material. This will help you to stay away from allergic reactions. Select the size of your compression sock by measuring your leg size. This does not refer to your shoe size but specific measurements of your calves, ankles, and feet. Measure the length as height starting from your feet to the knee or thighs. The compression levels of the stockings differ based on the medial condition of your leg.

    Note down measurements in centimetres (cm)
    • Ankle circumference
    • Calf circumference
    • Thigh circumference
    • Length from heel to knee
    • Length from knee to thigh

    Make sure you give accurate measurements to experience comfortable clothing and better healing. It very essential during the production of Custom compression socks.

    Choosing the right fabric and Compression Levels

    Opting for the right kind of fabric will decrease your chance of acquiring unnecessary infections and allergic reactions. Superior 4-way stretch knitting technology makes these stockings from soft-free latex fabric. The latex free fabric reduces the occurrence of allergic reactions by removing the offending allergens and enables you to feel comfortable in a healthy way. The compression levels may vary from individual to individual as it varies according to the type of medical condition you are in and as prescribed by your therapist.

    Advantages of Personal Sizing
    • Perfect fit
    • Extreme Comfort
    • Accurate Pressure Distribution
    • Unique Design
    Generic VS actiLEGS Personalized Stockings
    • Generic stockings come in standard sizes, providing a limited range of options. Custom made stockings fit the unique dimensions of an individual’s legs.
    • Generic stockings do not consider individual variations in leg length, muscle distribution, or post-surgery changes. But custom-made stockings provide a personalized solution.
    • Generic is suitable for individuals with average leg measurements but may not be an ideal fit for specific people. The customized fit is suitable for specific medical conditions and improves the effectiveness.
    Go for custom compression stocking if you are
    • a person diagnosed with varicose veins
    • spending most of your day sitting or standing,
    • you or anyone in your vicinity is pregnant and experiencing severe leg pain
    • a sports person who uses your limbs often.
    • a person who travels often
    • recovering from an injury or surgery
    Benefits of wearing medical compression stocking
    • Prevents the swelling of your leg and alleviates tissue swelling
    • Prevents the blood clots in your veins that arise when you are less active.
    • Maintains regular blood flow to your limbs
    • Reduces the pain in your legs and improves blood flow in your veins
    • Improves the lymphatic drainage
    • Manages low blood pressure in your legs after a long period of sitting down
    • Enhances microcirculation of blood in the lower legs
    Optimal Duration for Wearing Medical compression stockings

    The duration of the wear time varies according to the severity of symptoms you have. The general recommended time to wear it is 2-8 hours per day. This duration not only depends upon the symptoms but also on your medical condition. The duration also differs from the type of stockings you wear. You should remove your stockings before going to sleep to allow your skin to breathe. You should not wear them during bedtime without any prescription.

    Safety & Care for your actiLEGS compression stockings
      • Using your hands to wash is highly recommended or wash it in the machine with a gentle cycle.
      • Avoid the use of bleach or fabric softeners as they may damage the quality of the actiLEGS compression stockings.
      • Using lukewarm water and a mild detergent will help maintain the fabric’s condition. Turn the stockings upside down and wash them for protection.
      • Avoid twisting or scrunching the compression stockings after washing. Give only a gentle squeeze to remove excess water.
      • Wash your stockings every day after wearing them. Store them in a cool and dry place.
      • For More care and safety instructions for stocking >>
    Tips to Prevent and Manage Your Medical Conditions
    • Exercising or doing a physical activity
    • Placing our legs in an elevated position
    • Maintaining your skin and limiting your skin problems
    • Always following a balanced diet
    Difference between Socks and Stockings

    Compression socks and stockings differ in design and material. Stockings typically extend above the knee, while socks vary in length. The choice depends on comfort, as 15-20 mmHg compression socks provide the same pressure as a 15-20 mmHg stockings. For calf strains, socks may be sufficient. But stockings are better for leg conditions. Follow prescribed wearing times to prevent swelling and size variations in stockings. Skipping a day may make it challenging to find the same stockings again.

    Individuals with uneven leg sizing need Custom stockings. It accommodates factors such as differences in leg length, muscle variations, or post-surgery changes. Unlike standard sizes, these stockings provide a personalized and effective solution. They are not only subjected to medical conditions but also to individuals who are active every day. They need to give certain attention to their legs. This personalized approach ensures optimal fit, comfort, and effectiveness. It makes them suitable for individuals with specific needs such as uneven leg lengths, muscle differences, or post-surgery adjustments. Custom-made compression socks enhance the therapeutic benefits of compression therapy. It offers a precise and targeted solution for various medical conditions increasing your health, life, and well-being.

    Clearing the Misconceptions in the Air
    #1 Compression socks are Ugly & Uncomfortable

    Latex-free fabric-made stockings prove to be light and comfortable. As they come only in light colors, they look stylish and elegant which is irritation-free.

    #2 Compression socks are only for people with Medical problems

    Made to measure compression socks prevent DVT, lymphedema and varicose veins but they can also provide a great help to people involved in daily activities by relieving them from pain. Some people also believe that stockings interrupt circulation. But note that they ease improvised blood flow.

    #3 Use of Compression socks to reduce weight

    Being obese or overweight can lead to severe pain and tiredness after a long day of work. Wearing Medical Compression socks will help you to get relief from the tiredness and pain caused due to obesity. Only lifestyle and food changes will aid you in the loss of weight.

    #4 Use of Compression socks heals orthopedic injuries

    Compression socks can only provide therapeutic support by increasing the blood flow and preventing blood clots. They are not made to heal injuries.

    #5 Compression socks are not suitable to wear in Summer

    There’s no warm or cold weather for healing and maintaining health. By choosing the correct size and material, you can wear stockings all day and every day irrespective of the weather conditions.

    #6 Compression socks are hard to put on and take off

    People wear both stockings and socks in a similar manner. Having accurate and precise measurements will make them even easier. This is the reason why you go for a customized stocking.

    #7 Compression socks fit in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ category

    Stockings can never come of the same size for all. Whether two people have the same medical condition, the size definitely will differ. Even if two people are of the same height and weight, the size and length of the stockings may differ.

    Testimonials and Real-life stories

    Sandhya had been struggling with chronic venous insufficiency for several years. along with a six-toed foot. Her doctor recommended actiLEGS compression socks that could reduce her symptoms. Sandhya was pleasantly surprised by the custom made stockings as this was unusual from the regular off-shelf options she tried before. The material felt breathable, and it also provided the targeted support she needed. She noticed a notable difference because she customized the stockings to her unique leg shape. She found herself more motivated to wear them throughout the day. Sandhya’s experience with custom-made compression socks not only improved her physical well-being but also boosted her confidence in managing her venous insufficiency.

    Sandhya, 35 year-old Office Professional

    James, a 50-year-old construction worker, faced challenges with leg fatigue and pain due to the nature of his physically demanding job and a muscle twitch along his right calf. His doctor recommended actiLEGS stockings to enhance blood circulation and provide support during long hours on his feet. To Raja's surprise, the custom-made stockings proved to be a game-changer. The snug fit provided targeted support to his calves and ankles. It reduced the strain on his muscles. The durable material also withstood the rigours of his construction site. He made them a practical choice for his daily work wear. Inspired by the positive impact, Raja continued to wear his stockings daily. He recognized them as an essential part of his health and well-being.

    A Raja, 50-year-old Construction Worker